The FPA is a non-profit organization representing journalists working for international news organizations reporting from Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip

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FPA Statements

The Foreign Press Association expresses its shock and profound disappointment that nine months into a devastating war, Israel continues to bar independent access for the international media from Gaza.


Our primary mission focuses on protecting the interests of reporters working in Israel, the West Bank and/or Gaza Strip who often find themselves overwhelmed or even threatened by the authorities on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian divide.

Income Tax

Article 75A of the Income Tax Ordinance provides special tax benefits to journalists who are registered with the Foreign Press Association (FPA) and also meet two other criteria . . .


become an FPA Member

We encourage all journalists working for international news organizations and based in Israel, the West Bank and/or Gaza Strip to become members of the FPA.

Tania Kraemer

Chairperson Tania Kraemer

The current FPA Chairperson, Tania Kraemer, is the Jerusalem-based correspondent and video-journalist for Deutsche Welle for 10 years.

For over 65 years the FPA has represented journalists working for these and countless other news organizations from all over the globe, from Brooklyn to Beijing, from Stockholm to Sydney.

Advocating for the safety of reporters working in our region is among the FPA’s highest priorities

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