The FPA is a non-profit organization representing journalists working for international news organizations reporting from Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip

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Privacy policy & cookies


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Privacy policy

Freedom of speech and respect for privacy of the individual are among the core values our association, the FPA, stands for.

For the convenience of all active in the news business and those interacting with journalists, the FPA annually issues an address guide featuring contact information for our members and the news organisations they work for. To this end, our members provide us with the relevant data and instruct us on how they prefer to be listed. The address guide also features contact information for various organisations, both government and public, most of this information already public accessible at other sources.

Apart from publishing, distributing and selling our address guide, the FPA does not engage in selling data. Apart from the information made public in our address guide, the FPA does not share any data related to our members with any third party, unless the FPA is legally required to do so. Nor does the FPA provide third parties info related to the (casual) visitor of this website, with the exception of the info sharing arising from the use of cookies to monitor the traffic (analytics) at our platform.

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