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The recent IDF announcements about its investigation into the May 11 killing of Shireen Abu Akleh raise major questions about the military’s actions that day and serious doubts about its stated commitment to protecting journalists in the future.

A senior military official told reporters the soldier at the site was under Palestinian gunfire around the time Abu Akleh was shot but provided no evidence to support that claim. According to video footage from that day, Abu Akleh was shot following several quiet minutes of no gunfire at the site.

The Israeli announcement says it found “no abnormalities” in the military’s standard operating procedures. According to the senior official, the soldier had limited visibility, yet opened fire directly toward clearly identified journalists without firing a single warning shot. If this is normal operating procedure, how can the army fulfill its stated pledge to protect journalists and respect freedom of the press?

The Foreign Press Association demands the Israeli military publish its full investigation into Abu Akleh’s killing, so the public can have a transparent accounting of the army’s actions that day.

The Foreign Press Association also demands the Israeli military announce concrete steps it is taking to ensure all its soldiers are made aware of the presence of journalists in the field and do not open fire at them.

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