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Statement by the Foreign Press Association on Israel’s Confiscation of AP Broadcasting Equipment [May 21, 2024]

The Foreign Press Association is alarmed by Israel’s confiscation of the Associated Press’ broadcasting equipment today along the Israeli border near Gaza. This is the latest in series of chilling steps by the Israeli government to stifle the media.

The Israeli Communications Ministry said its move was to block AP from providing footage to Al Jazeera, one of hundreds of AP clients around the globe, after Israel banned the network from operating locally under a new media law May 5.

But today’s outrageous move also blocks AP from providing crucial images of northern Gaza to all other media outlets around the world.

Israel’s move today is a slippery slope. Israel could block other international news agencies from providing live footage of Gaza. It also could allow Israel to block media coverage of virtually any news event on vague security grounds.

Israel’s record on press freedom already has been dismal throughout the war. For the entire conflict, it has prevented independent access to Gaza for foreign journalists. Now it has taken another step backward away from the democratic ideals it claims to uphold.

The Board of the Foreign Press Association

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