The FPA is a non-profit organization representing journalists working for international news organizations reporting from Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Associate Members

* The provided data are periodically checked and updated. Nevertheless, this guide may contain outdated info, typos and other mistakes. If you notice a listing in need of updating, please provide the current data to the FPA’s Executive Secretary at Your collaboration in keeping these listings current is highly appreciated.

Al-Kassim, Mohammad
Alonso Colmenares, Laura
Burgul, Yara
Eglash, Ruth
Enghusen, Mareike
Fisher-Ilan, Allyn
Forey, Samuel
Freid, Stephanie L.
Friedson, Felice
Friedson, Michael
Gotkine, Elliott
Gradstein, Linda
Halpern, Orly
Kensche, Christine
Kesteren, Geert van
Kolyohin, Nick
Lewis, Ori
Magri, Fabiana
Makler, Irris
Milani, Elia
Miller, Sara
Opperskalski, Jonas
Poppe, Judith
Praag, René van
Rosenfeld, Oren
Rouger, Nicolas
Schmidt, Rainer
Somekh, Gil
Shyoukhi, Nael
Sterkl, Maria
Tarnopolsky, Noga