The FPA is a non-profit organization representing journalists working for international news organizations reporting from Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip

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most recent FPA STATEMENTS

Statement by the Foreign Press Association on harassment of journalists at Jerusalem Day Flag March [May 21, 2023]

The Foreign Press Association expresses its concern about physical and verbal attacks toward journalists during Thursday’s flag march, May 18, 2023, through Damascus Gate. On multiple occasions, marchers pelted journalists with water bottles,cans and wooden sticks. Marchers also shouted violent and racist epithets at reporters in the presence of police officers. At least two journalists were lightly injured. In addition, a

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Statement by the Foreign Press Association on harassment of journalists while reporting from Jerusalem bombing location [November 25, 2022]

The Foreign Press Association strongly supports channel France 24 Arabic-speaking Jerusalem team – correspondent Leila Odeh and her cameraman Nader Baybers – who were harassed Wednesday, November 23, while covering the aftermath of a deadly bomb blast. The two journalists were surrounded by a group of young Israeli extremists who made offensive gestures and were

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Statement by the Foreign Press Association regarding border-police violence towards photographer working for Agence France-Presse [February 19, 2022]

On the afternoon of Friday, February 18th, 2022, Agence France- Presse (AFP) photographer Jaafar Ashtiyeh was hit by a hard rubber bullet fired by Israeli police border in Beita, West Bank.  Jaafar was covering a demonstration of approximately 400/500 Palestinians participants against the outpost of Evyatar. Jaafar was clearly distant

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