The FPA is a non-profit organization representing journalists working for international news organizations reporting from Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip

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Marlin Levin with Ben Gurion
Marlin Levin with Golda Meir

Marlin Levin

Chairman FPA 1973-1974

Marlin Levin arrived in Jerusalem in September, 1947, with his bride, Betty. Among the first in Palestine to have a university (Temple) degree in journalism, Marlin was hired by Gershon Agron as an editor for The Palestine Post, later seved The Jerusalem Post as News Editor and Diplomatic Editor. He also served as Jerusalem correspondent for the United Press during the siege of Jerusalem and the 1948 war. In 1952, he was hired as Israel correspondent by the American Broadcasting Co., and in 1959-60 covered the Eichmann trial for ABC-TV and the London Daily Mail, as well as TIME & LIFE. He founded the TIMELIFE News Bureau in Jerusalem in 1958 and was employed by TIMELIFE until his retirement in 1990. Between 1976 and 1980, he was a staffer in the TIMELIFE Boston bureau. He was one of the founders of the FPA in Jerusalem, and served as Chairman in 1972-1973. The Levins live in Jerusalem and have three children, none of whom are journalists. Marvin passed away in Jerusalem on Saturday December 24th 2016.

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