The FPA is a non-profit organization representing journalists working for international news organizations reporting from Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip

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* The provided data are periodically checked and updated. Nevertheless, this guide may contain outdated info, typos and other mistakes. If you notice a listing in need of updating, please provide the current data to the FPA’s Executive Secretary at Your collaboration in keeping these listings current is highly appreciated.

Haidarr, Mohammed
Hajuj, Wissam
Hakimi, Ashkan Safaei
Halabi, Majdi
Halabi, Ziad
Halpern, Orly
Hamad, Haitham
Hamad, Saleh Yousef
Hamdan, Salem
Hammad, Wessam
Hamuda, Hassan
Hams, Mahmoud
Handal, Joseph
Hanna, Adel
Hassouna, Yahya
Hazboun, Areej
Hazboun, Ibrahim
Helm, Thomas
Helou, Raed
Hessen, Jonathan
Hill, Debbie
Himel, Martin
Hirano, Yugo
Hodali, Fadwa
Hoffer, Rewert
Hopmeier, Daniel
Horn, Allyson
Horowitz, Audrey
Hu, Dingkun
Hweitat, Iyad
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