The FPA is a non-profit organization representing journalists working for international news organizations reporting from Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Active members

* The provided data are periodically checked and updated. Nevertheless, this guide may contain outdated info, typos and other mistakes. If you notice a listing in need of updating, please provide the current data to the FPA’s Executive Secretary at Your collaboration in keeping these listings current is highly appreciated.

Sadi, Wasim
Sadawi, Nizar
Safadi, Atef
Salama, Mohammad
Salameh, Mariam
Saleh Al-natoor, Saleh Yousef
Salem, Mohammed
Salem, Suhaib
Saliba, Tawfik
Salman, Abeer
Samhan, Amjad
Sanchez, Raf
Sawafta, Ali
Scammell, Rosie
Schalit, Ariel
Scharf, Isaac
Scheiner, Sebastian
Schemidt, Ronaldo
Schipper, Tamara
Schwartz, Michael
Segador Canas, Jan Julio
Seif, Ahmed
Seri, Ahikam
Shehade, Amid
Shammala, Samir
Shana, Mohammed
Sharon, Noam
Shomali, Yousef
Shufani, Josef
Shrafi, Momin
Shurafa, Wafaa
Shotter, James
Simon, Benjamin
Simri, Najwan
Slier, Paula
Sockol, Samuel
Stahl, Julie
Storz, Christina
Swan, Sean