The FPA is a non-profit organization representing journalists working for international news organizations reporting from Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Active members

* The provided data are periodically checked and updated. Nevertheless, this guide may contain outdated info, typos and other mistakes. If you notice a listing in need of updating, please provide the current data to the FPA’s Executive Secretary at Your collaboration in keeping these listings current is highly appreciated.

Kafri, Nir
Kahana, Menachem
Kanaaneh, Nidal
Karni, Dana
Kayal, Muafak
Kayal, Tarik
Kershner, Isabel
Keshawi, Azmi E.H.
Khabeisa, Mustafa
Khader, Ismaiel
Khader, Abdelkarim
Khaleel, Khader
Khadija, Jamana
Khalaf, Basel Mohammed
Khoury, George
Khoury, Lina
Kingsley, Patrick
Kitzler, Jan Christoph
Kleiman, Gidi
Knell, Yolande
Krämer, Tania
Krauss, Joseph
Kriegel, Danielle
Krogman, Andrea